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grabs for the dry bulk cargo-, dredging-, recycling-, agricultural-, and construction industries, grabs for steel works, metalurgical works, cement factories, ports, ships, harbours ∞


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      • - 1 unit HAP100C5T-S / Hydraulic Attachment, Polyp 1.0 CBM
      • - 1 unit GTDB / Grab Tagline Double-Barrel, Model: CT 2-1575-500

tailor-made for you

Grabs are available in various types to handle any kind of bulk commodity. Designs come not only standard upon inquiry. The grab must be custom built according to customer specification and with features providing highest productivity.

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Grab Types

(RC) Radio Remote Controlled (single-rope)
(MC) Mechanical (rope-grabs)
(HA) Hydraulic Attachment
(EH) Electro-Hydraulic (motorised)

Since 2009 CROMEX Grabs are constantly optimized to meet the growing challenges in the bulk hangling industry. Our equipment and components are only provided by quality suppliers, which support all special demands by our customers. Stevedoring Companies, Port Authorities, Steel Works, Power Plants and many other players of related industries are using our grabs for handling all kinds of bulk material.


Every industry handles some material and has a scenario. And for every material and scenario there is a right grab. Cromex delivers that grab.

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Bulk dry and neo-bulk cargo is shipped in large quantities worldwide. And in order to be competitive, it is important to be fast and efficient.

As each bulk material has different properties, grabs to handle these are also different. Our standard grab design can be used to handle most commondities. For bulk materials with high density, specific properties or your special project, we have your tailor-made grab solution.

Cromex will deliver the grab you needed.